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Being able to do one’s own job, with expertise and professionalism, today can be not enough and for companies that are going to grow up and offer to the market global solutions is important evolve. Our company offers solutions using the best available technology with a flexibility of absolutely competitive costs and creation. A formula of sure success that we have experimented with ours and our customers’ satisfaction. At our office you can visit a wide exposition of our productions. 

We have fine-tuned STERILE SYSTEM, a system of room partitioning including walls, doors, false ceilings, floorings, furniture and accessories with characteristics of flush finished surface and of high cleanability, suitable for contamination-controlled areas (chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electronic industries, analysis laboratories, hospital and research boards).


Our engineering office follows the job orders by realizing issuing drawings for approval, for construction and “as built”.


We have an internal production workshop for prefabrication of various elements (modular walls, doors, false ceilings, furniture) and teams of qualified assemblers.


The close communication between engineering office and production workshop allows us to be really competitive as regards realization times and costs and gives rise to a great flexibility that is our main characteristic.


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