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The cleanroom false ceilings "T54” are realized with (modular or not) “T” section extruded anodized aluminium profiles of natural colour with reinforced back (base mm 54). The profiles are firmly secured among them in a flush finished surface through special aluminium brackets. The false ceiling is fixed through special rigid adjustable hangers of zinc-coated steel rod equipped with harmonic spring to be perfect aligned, the false ceilings frame is designed to host recessed lamps and air disperser filters. The curtain wall consists in white bi-laminated panels, thickness 10 mm, not subject to linting, easy to be washed and chemically inert to disinfectants. Sealing of every contact edge is carried out with special silicone mastics.


The curtain wall of false ceilings is also available with other materials:

• Bi-laminated panels with metal covering (aluminium, pre-painted plate, steel plates covered  

   by PVDF)

• Bi-laminated panels covered by stainless steel

• Box-section metal panels with or without internal insulating

Panels with aluminium honeycomb core. We also realize false ceilings with pre-painted zinc-coated steel      frame with bi-laminated of mineral-fibre curtain wall.

The cleanroom doors “P48” are realized with frame and bump of extruded anodized aluminium rounded profiles of natural colour. The curtain wall is realized by panels with aluminium frame, internal insulating with high density polystyrene and curtain wall on both sides with panels of layered mono-decorated massive melamine laminate HPL. External anodized aluminium hinges with rollaway fastening screws, perimetral gasket and stop-air mechanism operated by the door movement. Opening mechanism with push-open knob, handle, fixed knob with door magnetic opening or panic exit bar. We carry out necessary manufacturing on the doors to insert interlocking or visual warning systems of doors status if required.


The doors are available also in the following versions:

• Metal covering (aluminium, pre-painted plate, steel plates covered by PVDF)

• Stainless steel covering

• Rock wool internal insulation

• Aluminium honeycomb core

• Manual or automated sliding doors

• Possibility of doors installation on existing plasterboard/masonry/sandwich walls.



The cleanroom modular walls “W48” are a composite construction of an interior frame of extruded anodized aluminium profiles covered on both sides by panels of layered single-decorated massive, melamine laminate HPL (Euroclass reaction to fire B-s1, D0 pursuant to standard EN 13501–1:2001). The internal insulation is realized by high density polystyrene. The walls have an  overall thickness of mm 48.


The modular walls are available also in the following versions:

• Metal covering (aluminium, pre-painted plate, steel plates covered by PVDF)

• Stainless steel covering

• Rock wool internal insulation

• Aluminium honeycomb core


The walls installation is carried out by putting every element close to the other one, after fixing aluminium tubular frame and joints between the elements are flush sealed with special silicone mastics.

The vision panels “V48” are realized with internal chamber and safety double-layer glass mm 3+3, rounded corners (radius 100 mm). Black spacer gasket of polyethylene inside the panel. Overall thickness mm 48, maintaining a flush finished surface. The standard dimensions of the vision panels are of mm 800x800 and 600x800 but glasses of different measures can be realized on demand, as well as vision panels with satin finish glass or other finishes. The vision panels can be inserted in existing plasterboard and masonry walls, by realizing “one-piece units" of the required thickness to maintain a flush finished surface.

We realize custom-made pass-thru boxes integrated in the modular walls “W48” with different finishes and accessories, with interlocked glass doors, internal finishes with coving profiles "S70” to allow an easy cleaning. The pass boxes can be equipped with a special ventilation system, with absolute filters of air intake and supply through special grids integrated in the frame.

We carry out custom-made stainless steel products such as hoods, accident-prevention protections, tables, closets, benches, baskets, platforms, stools, sinks, tanks, grills, bumpers and various accessories on demand.

The PVC flooring are made of homogenous PVC tiles or membranes, after preparing the bottom and installing special flatteners and glues. Thermal bonding of joints with special coordinated PVC edge. There are a lot of different thickness and several PVC types available (e.g. classic, antistatic, conductive) according to the area requirements.

We also realize decorative laminated flooring.

We realize custom-made furniture that can be combined with the “Sterile System”: cabinets for dressing rooms, closets, benches, equipped walls, tables, with metal or stainless steel melamine laminate finishes.

As perimetral finish of the modular walls we use special profiles (coving profiles “S70”) with radius 70 mm, of anodized aluminium of natural colour, equipped with under coving profiles and accessories (spherical octants, terminals for doors) installed on the floor, on false ceiling and vertically. The coving profiles are available with a thickness of 2 mm or flush (used if skirtings are covered by PVC or resin), and with different types of surface processing (anodizing, zinc electroplating with stainless steel finish, painting). As perimetral finishes we also use anodized aluminium flat profiles and C- and L-shaped profiles for clean rooms exterior, technical rooms or areas where a high degree of cleanability is required.

We realize a lot of custom-made accessories that can be included in the modular walls such as doors, containers for utilities, boxes for pressure gauges, PVC hinges, plenum of air distribution etc. and our processing flexibility allows to install on the wall any accessory (air intake and supply grids, nozzles for air showers, touch screens, differential pressure gauges, traffic lights for doors interlocking systems etc.). The realization of holes/cutouts/shapings on modular walls allows also the interface with any production machinery.

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